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Zion Christian Church
Photo Gallery: Make Someone Smile Project
Make Someone Smile Project
Zach with Ms. Martha
Viewed 1894 times
Ms. Martha with her flowers
Viewed 1884 times
Zach delivering flowers
Viewed 1915 times
Amanda bringing the balloons
Viewed 1867 times
Kaitlyn delivering flowers
Viewed 1872 times
Receiving a flower cup
Viewed 1976 times
Kelly bringing a smile
Viewed 2079 times
Gracie delivering flowers
Viewed 1961 times
Gracie ready for a delivery
Viewed 1934 times
Gracie smiling
Viewed 1958 times
Kaitlyn putting on her apron
Viewed 2041 times
Viewed 2027 times
Kaitlyn & Preston keeping the balloons
Viewed 1966 times
Julie & Amanda helping to get ready
Viewed 1988 times
Julie helping to get ready
Viewed 1939 times
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